anawbs 2020

Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show
41st Year

Welcome to the Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show (anawbs)
ANAWBS is  a national competition open to all amateur winemakers and brewers.
This is the 41st year the competition has been conducted.
The competition offers the opportunity for all interested amateur winemakers and brewers to have their wines and beers assessed by qualified judges and compared with the efforts of other amateurs in an atmosphere of friendly competition.
Wines are judged using standard guidelines for industry wine competitions and beers are judged using the BJCP international style guide lines.
All entrants will receive written feedback from the judges to help with future wine and beer making.
If you would like to enter please go to the “How to Enter” page to find how.
Enjoy your wine and beer making.

ANAWBS Committee


It is with regret that the ANAWBS Committee has had to make the decision to cancel the 2020 Show.
The University of Adelaide Waite Institute have notified the Committee this week, that because of the COVID19 pandemic, they require the rooms for their students and their education. This includes the theatre and wine laboratory we would normally use for ANAWBS
At this late stage, it is very difficult to organise a suitable alternative venue.  The present restrictions of numbers in a closed area has had to be applied, and this would have placed further problems with the organisation of ANAWBS.
Can you please let and friends and colleagues, who may have considered entering the show, know of the decision.
At this stage, it is planned the ANAWBS Show 2021 will go ahead.

Brian Ferris

President ANAWBS 2020