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Medals are awarded based upon merit – according to style and quality of brewing for beer, varietal characteristics and quality of winemaking for wine.  Beers are judged by experienced beer judges and professional brewers, wine by experienced wine judges and professional winemakers.



Certificates are also awarded to all place getters in all beer and wine classes.



Trophies are awarded to the top medal winning beers or wines for each class and measure the success of an exhibitor in a given class against their peers.


Special Trophies Awarded are:

  • Best Wine of the Show
  • Best Beer of the Show
  • Best Kit Beer of the Show
  • The Mash Paddle
    - National All Grain Brewer of the Year
  • Most Successful Grape Winemaker1
  • Brewer of the Year (2018)2



1Most Successful Grape Winemaker (2018)

This trophy will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest point score for their best five (5) wine in the wine classes. The classes must include at least one Red (W1 to W15), at least one White (W16 to W20) and at least a Rose (W21) or Sparkling (W22) or Cider (W23)

2Brewer of the Year (2018)

This trophy will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the highest average point score for their best five (5) beer styles. The averaged styles must include beers from at least three (3) different categories. Note: For the purpose of this award , AG1 is classified as a category.




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