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Schedule of Wine Classes

Wine Classes (68kb)


Please Note

  • Each wine MUST be described on the entry form AND the label according to VINTAGE, VARIETY/BLEND or STYLE.
  • Sparkling wines may only be entered in the class designated “Sparkling”.
  • Entries containing chilli, ginger or similar spices must be clearly marked on the label and entry form.
  • Please enclose your entry forms and fees in with your entries. DO NOT send forms, fees and entries separately.
  • In the event of a lack of entries in a particular class, those entries will be included in the nearest appropriate class or an amalgamated class.
  • All wines must meet the requirements of blind tasting. Consequently, any wine bearing a label other than, or in addition to, the official label will be rejected and recorded as faulty in the results.
  • Please assist us by removing any capsules from the top of bottles.
To enter, visit the Entry Forms page.
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