Due to the ongoing uncertainty with the COVID pandemic the ANAWBS committee has unfortunately had to cancel the annual ANAWBS competition this year.

How to enter

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Competition dates

Entries close

Tuesday 21st September 2021 at 12 noon.
See delivery of entries below for more details.

Presentation Day

3rd October 2021 at 1pm
Charles Hawker Lecture Theatre ,
The University of Adelaide, Waite Campus , Waite Road, Urrbrae SA

see results page for more details

2021 Entry Forms and Documents

Please download the following PDF’s

Registration Form and Conditions of Entry
Please note the registration fee has been reduced for the 2021 competition.

Entry Form

Wine and Beer Bottle Labels

Wine Classes

Beer Classes

Beer Style Guide

1. Print the Registration Form and complete all details.  This lets us know who you are and how much your total entry cost is. If you don’t have an ANAWBS   Exhibitor ID from previous years – don’t worry, we will either track you from our database or allocate you a new number as necessary.

2. Print the Entry Form and complete. We use this form as the basis of the overall score sheet every competitor gets back at the end of the show.

3. Lastly, print the Bottle Labels form and place an individual label on each bottle. Please stick them on with clear adhesive tape.

4. Deliver your completed forms, money and entries to one of the many drop off locations.

For further information please contact  anawbs@anawbs.org.au

Promotional Documents



Please print the poster and brochure and give to fellow winemakers and brewers, clubs etc to help us promote the event.

Delivery of entries

Due to ongoing uncertainty with the COVID pandemic the ANAWBS committee has unfortunately had to cancelled the annual ANAWBS competition this year.


1. The competition is open to all interested Amateur Winemakers and Brewers. An “Amateur” shall be a person unable under State or Commonwealth law to dispose of wine or other alcoholic beverage for profit or gain.
2. Only amateur or homemade products may be entered, and all entries must be submitted in the maker’s name.
3. Each exhibitor must complete the official registration and entry form which, along with fees, must accompany the entry or be paid by EFT in advance.
4. There is no limit to the number of entries an exhibitor may submit, except that no one wine or beer may be entered in more than one class.
5. All wines submitted must be ‘finished’ wines, e.g. through primary and secondary fermentation.
6. Each wine entry shall be submitted in one standard 750ml, or one 375ml (half) bottle appropriate to the class. Capsules should be removed from the top of bottles. Each beer entry shall be submitted in a bottle size 500ml to 750ml.
7. Each entry must only be labelled with the official label or a photocopy.
8. No one wine or beer may be entered in more than one class.
9. The Convenor may move an entry to another class if it is deemed that the entry is “Out of Class”.
10. The Convenor may disqualify an entry if it is considered the entry is falsely represented. The exhibitor of any such entry may have all other entries disqualified from the competition.
11. An exhibitor shall be bound by the decisions of the Show Committee and Judges. No disputes will be entered into.
12. All entries and fees shall become the property of the Australian National Amateur Wine and Beer Show.
13. The Show Committee will not be held responsible for the loss of, or damage to an entry, entry form, or fees. Nor shall they be responsible for entries submitted in the wrong class or incorrectly labelled
14. In the event of a lack of entries in a particular class, those entries will be included in the nearest appropriate class or an amalgamated class.
15. The Show Committee reserves the right to alter these Conditions of Entry at any time without notice
16. All exhibitors shall be deemed to have read and accepted these Conditions of Entry and Schedule of Classes
NOTE: Entries in inappropriate bottles or with unofficial labels may be penalised by loss of points, or may be excluded from judging